WiFi at PHS

How to: Login to WiFi at PHS

  • Note: The primary school network (PCSC) is only to be used with school devices.

This article will tell you how to get on the wireless network to access the internet if your device has already been set up for the first time.  If it has not, please see the 1-to-1 training videos on the school website or the student technicians in the media center for help.

Once logged on, you may need to click "Desktop" in your start menu.

From the desktop, navigate to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and click the Wi-Fi icon.  Then you should see this:Screenshot (2).png

Click the network named "PCSC" and make sure the "Connect Automatically" box is checked.

Screenshot (4).png

Click "Connect", and after loading briefly, you should see a box that asks for your network login.  This is the same as you used to sign into the tablet.  In some cases, you may need to type "plainfield\" before your username as shown here:

Screenshot (6).png

Click "OK" and you should be shown a window like this telling you that you're connected to the "PCSC" network.Screenshot (7).png

From here, you are free to use your internet browser.

If this didn't work, please submit a helpdesk ticket asking for more help.  You should get a response through your redpride.net e-mail when your ticket has been answered.  If it's urgent (like a test on schoology, etc.) go to the media center and student technicians will be there to help.

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